“what is the problem?”

Hear here,Qiao Tianyu’s heartbeat accelerates sharply,Nervously about to faint。
“Stationery for this letter,Using leather paper as raw material,Uniform thickness,Face powder、Waxing、Calender,Painted ice plum pattern with lacquer,So called plum blossom jade。”Geodaye explained。
“This paper is a tribute to Hangzhou Weaving,Extremely expensive,It has been a special paper for the Qing court since the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty,Private use,So the source of this letter can only be the Qing court!”
“Qing court?”
Qiao Tianyu can’t believe her ears,This ordinary letter,It turned out to be spread from the Qing court?
It’s incredible!
It’s no wonder that Qiao’s family kept this letter in the ancestral hall for hundreds of years,It turned out to be so big,It seems that Qiao Yuanshan is not even a mortal!
“Ok,Yes。”Geodaye nodded and said。
“What about Qiao Yuanshan?Does Mr. Qiao Shimin have any impression?,He should be Joe’s family,But why doesn’t it appear on the Qiao family tree??”Qiao Tianyu asked anxiously。
“He is not from Joe’s family!”Geodaye said seriously。
“Mr. Qiao Shimin said,When the genealogy was rebuilt ten years ago,He knew the name。”
“In fact, strictly speaking,Qiao Yuanshan is not Qiao’s family。”
“He came to Qiaojiapu Village with his mother when he was a child,Later, my mother died of illness in Qiaojiapu,Joe’s family adopted him,Let him follow the surname Joe,Named Qiao Yuanshan。”
“Later Qiao Yuanshan gradually grew up,Studying with the children in the village in Qiao’s old school,Soon stand out,Become the best student in Qiao’s Old School。”
“after that,Qiao Yuanshan was suddenly recruited by the court,Leaving Qiaojiapu,Since then there has been no audio,No one knows what happened to him。”
“And the court kept a secret about the conquest of Qiao Yuanshan,Like no one,gradually,The name Qiao Yuanshan was also forgotten by people。”