Aniu quickly introduced:“My brother,Leopard,Tall and thin, good figure,A lot of money for righteousness。The car is his own,Not his family,Not great?”

Abao quickly said:“Isn’t it just a car?,Not worth mentioning。”
“Leopard is really rich!My name is Xiaoyu。”The girl with short hair looks cute,A pair of eyes is particularly aura,It seems to discharge when I look at Abao,Immediately let his eyes be caught for a while,The voice said very politely:“Xiaoyu beauty is good!Just ask me if you have anything,You are A Niu’s friend is my friend,Once raw and second cooked,We are good friends when we come out to play a few times,right?”
“OK。”Xiaoyu’s promised refreshment。
“This is Little Fish and Butterfly, both famous beauties in our school,Met today,If you have anything to do in the future, just ask Abao,He has great face,There is nothing he can do inside or outside the school。”Ah Niu’s flattery makes Ah Leopard very useful。
“Aniu, you are really,Can’t you let me keep a low profile??”A Bao said in her mouth,The eyes have moved to the face of the girl with long hair,But I found her eyes flickering aside from time to time,Clearly interested in Chen Wenjin,So I took out my phone and said:“Little fish and butterfly leave a contact?”
Xiaoyu happily said a home phone call,And no pager,This is not unexpected,Butterfly is talking about the home phone。
Abao took it down,Then gave A Niu a thankful look,The latter quickly said with a smile:“Little fish and butterfly are good girls,Never come out to play before。”
“We are also good,Don’t mess things up,Just singing and dancing,I don’t force myself to drink,Don’t worry if you go out with us,Very safe。”A leopard brags immediately,To avoid their worries that they won’t be able to shout out。Immediately saw Chen Wenjin’s leisurely contentment,Too cool,So I said:“Gold you still sleep?Small fish and butterfly are coming,I still don’t get up?”
“Hi、Hi!”Chen Wenjin sit up,Waved hello to two girls one after another,Don’t talk about anything else。He expected that since Aniu said action,Of the two brought,There must be one directed at him,and,Certainly not easy to pass。But he was still deliberately cold,Let Aniu’s anxiety silently。
“Don’t mind,Gold is just this character。”Abao quickly emphasized,Lest the little fish and butterflies feel left out。
But Abao found that the butterfly’s eyes still showed an obvious interest in Chen Wenjin,Obviously, I don’t mind his excessive indifference.,So he couldn’t help but care quickly,Start to doubt,Did Aniu introduce him to beautiful women?,I was still entrusted by the butterfly to meet Chen Wenjin?But I think Aniu can’t do that,The butterfly shouldn’t be so bold to provoke Hui。
Butterfly stares at Chen Wenjin,Said with a smile:“Of course don’t mind,I took the initiative to follow just to get to know Gold。I’ve seen him here many times before,Know he has always been so cool,How would you mind?”
Chapter Forty Six Butterflies fly and fly
Butterflies are so straightforward,As soon as she introduced her acquaintance, she directly and clearly revealed her interest in Chen Wenjin,A Leopard can’t help but froze,A Niu took the lead and applauded:“Female hero,Crisp and refreshing!admire、admire!”
Others can’t help blowing their whistle,Echoed and applauded:“Butterflies are amazing,Impressed!”
Only Xiao Gao has a calm face,Very unhappy warning:“Butterfly, don’t mess up!Don’t you know that Huang Jin is with Hye??”
“Don’t you know that they broke up periodically to learn?Although it was a temporary breakup,That’s also single。”Butterfly biting the straw,Answering Xiao Gao’s words,But staring straight at Chen Wenjin。
Who else could reveal this??Chen Wenjin thinks and knows it must be Aniu,The issue is,Butterfly mouth is so lax?